Vicky Wickes

Name: Vicky Wykes

Job Title: Staff Nurse (Band 5)

Place of Work: Neonate Intensive Care Unit, Shrewsbury & Telford NHS

What made you want to be a nurse & when did you originally qualify?

Originally qualified in 1999. Liked the idea of being able nurture, care and make a difference to the lives of sick children and their families and that it was a forever learning environment.

What did you enjoy about the role when you first became a nurse?

Having the skills and knowledge to help families through difficult times and care for their children and being part of a team.

What made you leave / take a break from nursing?

Logistics of starting a family and shift working with no support.

Why did you decide to return to nursing?

Always planned to return at some point. Children were older, financial necessity and desire to rebuild career.

How did you find the Return To Practice process?

The practical supported placement was brilliant and helped with perceived loss of confidence in skills.

If you are now a nurse, how do you feel about your returning experience? 

I am now nursing again and I am glad that the Return to Practice course was available to gain confidence and experience in a supernumerary position to see where the job had evolved and work out what skills I had retained and where my sphere of competence needed further development in my first role

What do you think are the main benefits of returning to practice as a nurse? 

The service regains experienced nurses who have had to take a career break for whatever reason.

If someone were thinking about returning to practice, what advice would you give them?

Do it!! Utilise your clinical placement positively and do not be afraid to ask to do more hours if you feel you need it.

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