Mary Robinson

Name: Mary Robinson

Job Title: Staff nurse

Place of Work: Ophthalmology Ward

My nursing career began in 1973 and I enjoyed it for 15 years.

Eventually I decided to leave because I wanted to do something else and fancied a change. I was interested in studying theology and wanted to travel.

I went on to spend time working with Mother Teresa’s sisters in Rome and as a nurse in Honduras in Columbia, as well as getting a degree in theology when I was 29.

After many years away, I decided to return to nursing. I fancied a change again and didn’t want to go any higher within the management role I had. I had always intended on coming back and I felt that if I didn’t do it now I never would.

I applied to Manchester Metropolitan University, which I knew I would be able to do after passing my degree in Theology with first class honours. To prepare I did lots of reading and I actually evidenced my reading in my personal statement. I was confident and determined and it really confirmed that nursing was what I wanted to do.

I was terrified at first, but the support I had was exceptional. The staff in particular were incredible, encouraging us all the time and reassuring us that it’s ok not to know everything.

I found the administration procedures to be much more helpful and how the technology has improved is brilliant. I wasn’t hard to get used to either once you learn which buttons to press it is easy!

I now work 24 hours a week, with the opportunity to work extra days if I want to, which I find very flexible.

Returning to nursing later in life I have found that my life skills really help with the role. Personally I’m better at communicating now and find my life experience helps me to understand people more. I’ve transferred so many more skills back into nursing.

Staff nurse in Ophthalmology Ward Mary Robinson

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