The Programme

The return to practice programme is a combination of classroom and placement based learning. Hours on placement will vary and depend on how long you have been off the NMC register. These will be negotiated with you on an individual basis. The programme may take up to 6 months to complete. Further information can be found at individual Universities delivering this programme.

Led by supportive tutors and mentors, there are approximately 40 courses across the country, created to refresh your nursing skills so that you’re ready to return to practice.

A proportion of the programme you choose will be based at a university, with the tutors working with you to support your learning experience.

The remainder of the programme will be spent on a clinical placement, where a mentor will work with you to record your competence in clinical skills.

Throughout the programme you will develop a portfolio, demonstrating your skills, which will be sent to the Nursing and Midwifery Council to record the completion of your return to practice programme and your re-registration.

Numeracy skills

If you are considering accessing a Return to Practice Course and are concerned about your numeracy skills, you can access the SNAP numeracy testing tool to develop and improve your existing skills. The tool can be accessed at

In order to use the tool, you will need to register as detailed below:

Click on  ‘Register’ and then ‘Healthcare Professional’

Select ‘National Return to Practice campaign’ from Organisation drop down menu

Select  ‘Nursing – Return to Practice’ from Directorate drop down menu

Select ’RTP Applicants’ from Department options

You will then be asked to complete a short registration form to create your username and password. After completing the form you will receive a message confirming that your registration is awaiting approval and will receive a further message within a few days to inform you that your registration is complete.

To find out more about the opportunities available in the region you would like to study and work in, click here.

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