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Return to practice programme

If you have been a registered nurse previously and wish to return to the profession then you may need to undertake a Return to Practice programme.  The programme is essentially a period of updating your skills and knowledge so that you can become re-registered and return to work in nursing.

The courses will take approximately three months to complete, although some people may take longer depending on clinical placement hours required and the length of time out of practice and length of time previously in practice. The courses will also be flexible to fit around existing commitments, such as childcare.

How is the course funded?

We will fund all of the course fees, with an additional £500 of financial support for each learner on the programme.

How do I apply?

Applications and any queries relating to Return to Practice programmes can be directed to the relevant university.


Universities that run the Return to Practice programme


Sheffield Hallam University

Contact: Course Leader: Michaela Brown                          

Email address: Michaela.brown@shu.ac.uk 


University of Bradford

Contacts: Jean Teare

Email address: j.a.teare@bradford.ac.uk



University of Sheffield

There is an option for Nurses in and around the region of Sheffield University to Return To Practice in the community and General practice settings.

Sheffield University now offer a bespoke course for returnees in this field.  

Course Lead; Ian S Brown i.s.brown@sheffield.ac.uk  


List of Trusts offering Return to practice course placements

All of the contact details for the service providers in the region who are supporting RtP students are listed on this link.



Yorkshire and Humberside HEE Return to practice lead:

Jean Hayles, Project Manager



All other enquiries


Email: ReturnToPractice@wm.hee.nhs.uk

RtP National Line: 0121 695 2221

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